What kind of a socializer are you?

It’s Monday and you’ve just woken up:

1 / 12
You take a selfie with the pillow marks on your face. #iwokeuplikethis
You check your work emails in bed. Still in your pajamas.
You rush to the shower singing “I Feel Good”.
You check the weather/stock market/news.
Oh no… not now. Put on snooze mode and back into bed.

For you, the worst fashion faux pas is:

2 / 12
A grey suit: so boring!
A neon down jacket: too showy.
A replica handbag: total lack of style!
Stilettos and a fitted shirt: too tight.
Be daring. Choose it and wear it!

Your secret obsession you cannot admit to:

3 / 12
You collect goodies of blue chip companies.
You mentally categorize all your emotions with hashtags.
You practice some magic tricks.
You google any new person you meet.
You go on an orange monochrome diet every fall.

When eating lunch out, you order:

4 / 12
Tapas to share for the whole table.
A quick snack: you have a ton of work to finish up.
The same dish as your neighbor, it looks gorgeous on the plate.
You cannot decide… fat burger or veggie bowl?
A dish with the latest it-ingredient in it, the season’s must-try.

What is the one thing you are most afraid of losing?

5 / 12
Your cat.
Your sense of humor.
Your eyes.
Your talent for repartee.
Your cool.

#TGIF, Friday night at last! You are:

6 / 12
All dressed up: you have booked a table in the city’s best restaurant.
In a networking mode: going to a pitch competition for start-ups.
Casual: you have friends coming over for dinner.
A VIP: you’ve found the party where you want to be seen at.
Totally improvising: as long as you are with your old pals, it’s gonna be a hell of a night.

Your motto:

7 / 12
Creativity is intelligence having fun.
The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.
Slow and steady wins the race.
To love is the half of to believe.
Beauty is truth and truth is beauty.

When on holidays, you’d rather:

8 / 12
Enjoy the times with your people to the max.
Bring back a snow globe to display on your mantlepiece.
Film all you can all the time.
See everything, know everything, taste everything.
Look out for new business ideas.

You are sent on a desert island:

9 / 12
You bring your address book and the latest version of your resume, you never know.
You bring your renovated vintage Polaroid and a stock of films. #hipster #ishootfilm
You ask all your family and friends for a special object and cure your homesickness with memories.
You shave your head sides and cover your body with Maori tattoos: let’s go!
You bring what you need to leave marks of your discoveries and send messages in bottles.

At a party:

10 / 12
You take selfies with strangers.
You talk with as many people as you can.
You make new friends quick.
You hand out business cards.
You show pictures of your cat/dog/kid.

The song that describes your way of life best:

11 / 12
Abba’s “Money Money Money”.
The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love”.
Cindy Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”.
Duran Duran’s “Too Much Information”.
Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful”.

OMG, it’s the end of the world!!!

12 / 12
You gather your family, BFFs and exes and tell them that you love them for one last time!
You tear away your tie, time to make your secret dream come true and become a zouk-style singer.
You go on a spicyan acidulous candy binge before jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge in a wingsuit.
You raid the luxury shops: all the things you have coveted for so long are now yours!
The end of the world? Seems pretty odd… You cross and check your sources to be absolutely certain.